What Does a Water Tank Do?

What Does a Water Tank Do?

Generally, plastic water tanks have different designs, because they are built for different purposes. Both the hot and cold water storage, especially the cheapest rainwater tanks, can be used in residential and commercial buildings. Also, the industrial application of these tanks helps in specific manufacturing processes. The purpose of the storage is to have a clean water supply from the tank. Apart from how water storage tanks work, this article will help you to understand different applications of hot and cold water storage tanks.

What Are Hot Water Tanks?

The closest description of a hot water tank is to remind everyone of water heater cylinders on the bathroom walls. You’ll need these types to store hot water during cold weather. Also, hot water tanks can retain heat water for a longer period. Whenever you need a warm bath in your home, it’s ideal to use a direct and indirect hot water supply tank.

While indirect hot water cylinders use boilers (external devices) to induce heat on cold winter days, a direct hot water cylinder works differently. The latter requires immersion to generate heater inside the cylinder. 

Understanding the Designs of Water Tanks

Water tanks for farms

The design of water tanks come with either a vented or an unvented cylinder. It’s the main vented cylinder type that uses a cold water tank for supply. Also, this process of supply depends on gravity, not normal pressure. 

Usually, the loft offers space-saving benefits because it uses the mains pressure for supply. Most vented cylinders have immersion heaters or boilers. However, the installer can use the loft or an electric pump to maintain steady water shower pressure for homes with downstairs and upstairs rooms. 

Unlike vented types, unvented cylinders have expensive maintenance. You have to make budgets for installation and safety accessories too. However, unvented cylinders of water tanks are very functional. They don’t need a separate cylinder of combi-boilers that heat the water internally. Since water flows from the mains supply, users have to install safety accessories.

Some of the safety accessories for this type of tank include programmable thermostats and relief valves. Unexpected experiences like spills of hot water on the skin and over-consumption of electricity can upset homeowners.

Water expands when its temperature rises, and it leads to an increase in volume. The expansion tanks in unvented cylinders help to absorb pressure from extra volumes of hot water. Normally, expansion tanks with between 20 and 30 liters of space serve residential users.

Their capacity varies, but asks a plumber consultant to suggest what fits your needs. However, tanks with vented cylinders don’t have expansion tanks because of their built-in taps that work automatically.

Benefits of Using Water Tanks

The cylinders of hot water tanks can be used for converting kitchen furniture into an airing cupboard. Usually, people stack napkins, clothes, bedding, and towels in the airing cupboard for hygienic purposes.

A big, hot water tank system provides on-demand water for a medium and large-size household. Instead of buying small units of hot water cylinders, install a bigger capacity cylinder in a central area of the home. Also, the installer might need a water pump to ensure even distribution to showerheads, bathtubs, and kitchen faucets.

Water tanks use filtration systems like reverse osmosis technology. This system helps people to enjoy clean water from pressurized storage tanks. However, reverse osmosis (RO) systems have different shapes, and sizes.

Additionally, buyers can save money by choosing the RO storage tank. This system used hydro-pneumatic pumps and filtration devices to supply clean on-demand water.

Water storage tanks are for multiple applications in both commercial and residential buildings. They are compatible with low-pressure well systems in rural areas.


Entertainment Parks In Regional Australia

Entertainment Parks In Regional Australia

The rural areas of Australia have promising landmarks and entertainment parks that offer world-class guest service to both its residents and tourists. Rural areas offer a much different experience as compared to the towering buildings in the city. Utilising the plentiful land space as well as the natural resources, Australian theme parks are built on a solid foundation, both literally as well as figuratively. Some of which may have been a getaway for most spectators, others are less known but are still gemstones that benefit not only the local community but also thrill-seeking visitors who come and be willing to learn a thing or two from them. Without further ado, below is the list for an all-new adventure this summer!

  • Armidale Tourist Park – is perfect for those who are looking for a getaway and an adventure. Located in New South Wales, it is called the “City for all Seasons” where the beautiful waterfalls, National parks, and local culture await with the 14 acres of land it is set in. Accommodations are easy to book and the park features, activity rooms, barbecue area, swimming pool and WIFI. Although the activity rooms are not to be compared to the high tech function rooms in Melbourne CBD, they serve their purpose; a simple venue that blends in with the rural environment. Pet dogs are also allowed within the vicinity.
  • Discovery Parks, Byron Bay – showcases gorgeous beaches, lush natural gardens, and a relaxed space that is just what you need while on a holiday break. This includes the Byron’s Barrel Waterpark, the Byron Bay lighthouse at Cape Byron, and many more exceptional holiday park facilities. It’s a perfect destination for a family and is beginner surfer friendly. Little Wategos, Australia’s easternmost beach, may be accessible by foot. Enjoy the freshest local produce and handmade crafts that may be found at Byron Bay’s market.
  • Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park – is located at the heart of the Grampians where an authentic Australian bush camp experience awaits. Enjoy a campfire by nightfall and wake up to the sounds of the birds, emus, and probably say hello to kangaroos. With cabins equipped with modern facilities, you are sure to enjoy your stay here. A 10% discount for the Senior Cardholders are also imposed. There’s a heated swimming pool located outdoors, trampolines for the kids, camp kitchen with open log fire, and its great coffee also tries to impress.
  •  All Seasons Holiday Park – is a family-friendly water/caravan park that can be reached within a short stroll of the Coles, Centro Plaza, Gateway Tavern, and Big W. Cabins are available that will surely suit any budget that offers a range of sites from shady, drive-thru, and of course, to ensuite, which is considered a powered site. There’s an entertainment area, swimming pools and splash pad, game rooms that house X-box consoles, bikes may be rented. Wifi is free and pet dogs are allowed. There are also function rooms if you are tired of the same venue spaces for hire in Melbourne.
Entertainment parks rural australia
  • Discovery Parks, Barossa Valley – is for the wine lovers to discover. As Australia’s widely-known wine region and being the most visited tourist destination of South Australia, Discovery Parks – Barossa Valley is just a few minutes from the Tanunda Centre. Experience their new offer for a two-person Deluxe Safari Tents, set in a private area giving you exclusive access to the outdoor lounge, fire pit, heated swimming pool and spa and also, the barbecue pit. If you’re one to appreciate nature, you’ll love the native glamping experience and the gum trees that are holding the eco-luxe talent together. Group bookings are welcome and the kids may enjoy the splashtacular waterpark, which is considered as the largest in South Australia showcasing it with three slides, splash zones, gigantic tipping buckets. The place has a family section as well where memories could be made. Add visiting the wineries, historic buildings, scenic tours, museums, and art galleries. And while you’re there to visit, do bush walks, have an amazing dining experience, and enjoy the park’s facilities. There’s equipment for hire, free Wifi, a playground in addition to the waterpark, a camp kitchen, and a BBQ pit. What more can you ask for?
  • Livewire Park — located in Victoria, the livewire park is one of the more nature-focused entertainment park out there. Using the immediate natural environment, the park makes use of trees as platforms for its main attractions – the ziplines. This park offers visitors the experience of flying amongst towering trees and has one of the longest flying fox in Australia. If you are still not convinced, another plus thing is that the owners of this park (and everyone who works in the park) are promoters of sustainability. The whole park is powered by solar energy, and rainwater that has been collected on site are treated and repurposed for the park’s use. Visitors are also discouraged from bringing food with containers from outside; which on the surface might be a marketing ploy for the in-house restaurant, but it is really done to minimise waste on-site. It is also made to be enjoyed for people for all ages, facilitating adult zip line rides as well as those for children.

Why You Need A PopSocket When You Travel

Why You Need A PopSocket When You Travel

With a new trend popping up in the market every few weeks, the PopSocket is one of the latest and it has changed the mobile phone industry. Have you ever looked at the back of someone’s phone or tablet and see this odd circular-looking disc on the back? It’s a good chance that you’re looking at a PopSocket and their main purpose is to pop out like a mini slinky and provide several uses like being a firm stand for your phone or just to help you hold it better when taking a selfie. Those are just a few of its creative uses but does it benefit you when travelling? Let us take a look.

Fewer chances of falling

Because the PopSocket is so versatile, it also has the function of giving you a better grip on your mobile device regardless of your location. Imagine doing a video call while walking or climbing and you trip over something. With the PopSocket in place, it is less likely that your phone will fall from your hands and shatter when it hits the ground. Plus, the flexible material will give your phone some amount of protection; that’s if it lands on the back. Look at it as saving some money in your pocket instead of looking to have your phone repaired or replaced. 

Untangled earphones

Have you ever reached into your bag for your earphones and everything came out in a big knot? If you own a pair, then this is a problem you probably had to deal with too many times to count. By wrapping them around your PopSocket, not only will they be easier to locate, but it will also save you the trouble of spending five minutes to untangle them just to have a conversation or listen to your music in peace. 

Multi-surface sticker and media stand

Let’s say, for example, you’re in the kitchen or shower, but there’s some drama happening in your favourite series that you don’t want to miss. Unfortunately, you can’t bring the phone because if it gets too close, that could spell water damage. With a PopSocket all you need to do is stick it to the wall or just high enough to avoid the water from the sink. No need to sit up anymore when you can just lay down and the PopSocket doubles as a stand for your phone. 

It’s detachable

This is one of the things that make the PopSocket a common phone accessory among the younger folk because you can use it only when you need it. This simply means that even though it can pop right in and lay flat on your phone, you can always take it off and reattach it later. Seeing that it may be used regularly, it may need cleaning from time to time. You can remove it without having to worry about having to get a new one because you can snap it right back on after it’s dry. 

Increases security

There are a million things that can happen while travelling and this includes your phone getting stolen. While on your adventure, you can pull it out and lock it to one of your front pockets. This way, it can remain secure at all times and there’s less concern about someone trying to swipe it out of your hand. 

PopSockets are available in various sizes, shapes and colours, so there is a wide variety to choose from. You can even customize your own by adding your favourite colours and pictures. The PopSocket is simple but very useful, to say the least. 

Make Your Trip More Romantic

Make Your Trip More Romantic

When creating an itinerary, discovering an unknown location and sticking to your budget, tourists occasionally find love taking a back seat to practicality. Regardless of the toils of travel, finding a small flirtation when travelling is not as tough as you think. There is no need to spend weeks planning the perfect excursion or persuading overseas resort staff to decorate rose petals in your bed. Liven up your love life with unique and affordable methods to add something extra for your holiday, from reserving the finest accommodations for romances to learning how to appreciate live and love like a local.

Evade the Crowds

A number of the planet’s most famous romantic areas are not actually as intimate as they look in photos, films or our dreamy imaginations. Just take the Eiffel Tower, as an instance, a sign of Paris that embodies the town’s acclaimed romantic aura. Rarely will a chick movie or jewellery firm depict its drawbacks like waiting in line for prior to committing 12 euros per person to have a crowded elevator ride up the tower or proposing underneath the structure amid countless noisy, pushy tourists snapping photographs of each other.

A similar sentiment goes for the more popular and famous places around the world, such as the Pyramids, Stonehenge and also the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, that can be almost sure to draw huge crowds, long lines or packs of competitive hawkers selling memorabilia. Every town has unique and rewarding things to see past the world-famous websites. Do your research so that you’ll know what to expect before arranging a romantic trip to some famed website. If you’d like a more private experience with your partner, find museums and unique trips like a romantic getaway to Tasmania do mix things up.

Reserve a Self-Catered Stay

Making a home away from home, a place in which you do not need to tip the maid or conceal your valuables may be more intimate than remaining at a lavish, expensive hotel area. Self-catering lodging in Tasmania, including holiday rentals or remote Hobart luxury accommodation, generally have kitchens and living spaces, and have a tendency to be much less costly than B&Bs, inns or resorts.

This sort of lodging is especially romantic since it allows couples create a comfortable escape in an unknown destination. Following a long day of sightseeing, go back to your own temporary home, whip up some home-styled food and relax on the balcony with a bottle of wine. Use the money you save on accommodation to purchase new ingredients at local markets and cook your meals together. Notice: Self-catering might not be for everybody; couples that come to blows if a spouse uses the previous roll of toilet paper without substituting it gets cookie crumbs in the bed could be better off staying in a resort with turndown services.

Go Where It Is Cold

Visit a location where a combination of arctic temperatures and hot, cosy resort rooms make love a snap. Here is how it works: take your loved one to Canada, the Rockies, Alaska, Iceland or some other wintery destination. Then, reserve some cosy digs with a hot tub, sweeping views of snow-capped mountains and a crackling fireplace. When it’s winter where you live, then you do not need to journey far to pull off this one.

You can also save money by holidaying in a budget resort and adding your personal touches, like packaging an electrical blanket, bath bombs or scented candles. Go cross-country or downhill skiing or attempt ice skating at a frozen lake. Come evening, return to your comfortable private space after a day of embracing bitter temperatures and snuggle up with your partner.

Top Tips for First Time Business Travellers

Business trips tend to be stressful and busy, and include high expectations on what is going to get done to warrant the price. Make strategies to ensure business travel is seamless and rewarding especially if this is your first time travelling on the job. Whether you are a travelling business coach or public relations representative, travelling can be a daunting venture; luckily we have compiled some suggestions to make it a little easier.

Make packing easy: A week prior to the trip if you are feeling fresh and relaxed, create a packaging checklist: Glasses, socks, lip balm — anything you think you could overlook. Be detailed so that you do not need to think about it later on. Secondly, travel things shouldn’t leave the bag. I keep a set of pyjamas, chargers, compression socks along with a kit pre-packed with toiletries, make-up, vitamins, tablets and other essentials in a permanent travel bag. I restock and launder once I return. Thirdly, pack in a functional, flexible and efficient manner. Dark separates that may mix and match to create numerous outfits. Pack a pair of comfortable shoes to the airport and a single pair of dressier shoes. Pack simple essential clothing and dress it up with accessories such as ties, scarves, and jewellery.

Traveling in comfort: Never check in a bag if it can be avoided. Bring a cabin sized roller bag along with a backpack or laptop bag for under your seat. Ensure that your telephone, etc. are billed before the flight. Throughout the travel experience, attempt to eat healthy before, during and afterward. I can’t stress this enough: Salad, fruit, juice, veggies and a lot of water. Greasy, unhealthy food will simply weigh you down and make you feel sluggish and laggy. Being in optimal health and having energy is the key to keeping up your worker productivity on the road or in the air! Last, don’t sit beside your co-workers on the airplane, particularly your boss. It may be tempting, but it is so dull and tacky to talk work issues in public, particularly in the event that you operate in customer services. Utilise the airplane ride to collect your thoughts, concentrate on the excursion the objectives of the trip or just relax and watch a movie.

Making the most of your time: Concentrate on what you’re searching for; this isn’t a vacation. Do not sight-see, attempt all of the restaurants and go on tours if it is going to get in the way of your job. Try to follow your normal diet. Should you frequently exercise, keep this up. It is great to go out and see the destination but only if you have time and it does not interfere with the real reasons for the trip. Get enough sleep and be comfortable, you are going to be spending a lot of time in hotel rooms, therefore when travelling to lovely places such as Hobart book into a boutique hotel to recuperate, not just any Hobart accommodation you stumble upon.

When visiting a workplace or customer abroad, be sensitive and knowledgeable by incorporating yourself into your hosts’ culture. When it is a customer, spouse or possibly a distinct office of your company, keep in mind that you’re a guest. If they’re casual, be casual; inquire questions and get to know folks and be friendly and humble. This is how you are going to create meaningful connections.

A few additional tips:

  • Always allow for the unforeseen. If at all possible, traveling the night before instead of the morning of your session or meeting to avoid last minute delays or problems. On a similar note, always attempt to obtain a direct flight if your budget will allow it. Changing planes and having connections increases the risk of problems.
  • Avoid drinking too much late in the evening or on occasions when you are surrounded by colleagues and professional contacts. Not only can this mess your sleep, but it can lead to significantly less than professional behaviour.
  • Never skip breakfast. If you do, you will typically run low on good energy then be tempted to eat the dreadful, sugar-filled “treats” that are generally supplied at company functions.
  • If you can afford this, or your employer will cover this, enter the ‘business club’ of the airline that you use frequently. Obtaining an opportunity to escape the media of individuals, have a drink of water or a coffee, read a newspaper and wait with a few relaxation is invaluable.
  • Always, always be courteous and friendly to all airline employees. A desk broker has a lot more power to ruin your trip if you are rude and demanding. Ultimately, look upon traveling as a rewarding opportunity to experience business on the road for you, not as something you need to endure and dread.

How to Protect Skin When Travelling

Travelling can mess up your own skin in a significant way, particularly when you’re travelling from one distant city to another along with having primitive temperature differences. Here are expert tips to keep your skin healthy as you travel.

Going off to the beaches or the mountains to your vacation this year? It would help to know that travelling may mess up your skin if you don’t listen to it and help protect it from harsh conditions.

While travelling, you are more likely to fatigue, ignorance, improper diet, frantic schedules and altering weather ill affect the condition of your skin. All these really are a deadly combination when it comes to destroying your luminous skin. Exercising may also mess up your own skin in a significant way, particularly when you’re travelling from different cities to another having undesirable temperature differences.

Dermatologists and recommend upon arriving home from your trip, undergoing some collagen stimulation treatment or even a hydrafacial to revitalise and rescue skin from all the travelling is has gone through. Here are a couple of smart tips to help you maintain optimal skin when jet-setting around the world.

1. Maintain your moisturiser at all time!

We recommend you employ intense moisturising lotion the night before you travel. This can allow you to maintain your skin hydrated and sterile, thereby saving you in the adverse weather conditions. Direct sun or strong wind may make the skin dry and damage the skin surface. The harsh dry air inside air-planes will suck the moisture out of the skin, therefore, re-apply the moisturiser whilst travelling to keep a soft, supple skin, in spite of the weather conditions.

2. Make sunscreen your Very Best buddy

In spite of the season, use sunscreen generously to store your skin from the harsh effects of UV rays. This way you can protect your skin from tanning and sunburns. Excessive exposure to sunlight also leads to premature ageing. Consequently, sunscreen is a perfect product to travel with. Re-apply it every 2-3 hours and utilise a fantastic emollient to keep skin moist from inside. Choose a sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection of 30 or above, preferably 50 if you are travelling to an especially sunny location or are going to be outdoors for extended periods of time.

3. Cleanser Is Essential

Based on professional dermatologist opinions, it’s fairly evident that while traveling, your skin brings a great deal of dust and dirt that get collected in own skin and cause breakouts. A cleanser will wash out all of the muck and maintain your skin refreshed and clean. It’s also very important to maintain your cleanser together with you as even a small shift in skin care products can act abruptly in your own skin and cause ‘holiday breakout’. For convenience, you can use cleansing wipes or micellar water when travelling.

4. Comfort Clothes Ought to Be high in Priority

While heading out, you’ll be participating in activities like hiking, games or just roaming about and exploring the location. Comfortable clothing will help save you from the horrors of itching, chafing, and rashes that may happen as a result of uncomfortable, tight garments. A variety of problems like psoriasis, infections and warmth bumps are typical with tight clothing, so wear loose, comfortable clothing. Skin allergies and specific kinds of contact dermatitis have to get diagnosed and cared as one finds them.

5. Blotting Papers Would be the Newest Toner

Many men and women experience oily skin whilst traveling, mainly due to the accumulation of grime. Blotting papers come in handy to eliminate that oil in the face, particularly the ‘T Zone’. They are far better than ordinary cells that leave a residue. Individuals with sensitive skin may use them easily too. Excessive oil on the skin can cause breakouts, pimples, and discomfort so ensure you carry blotting paper in your travel bag.

6. Drink Water to Hydrate and Eat to Nourish From the Inside

Aside from maintaining your body joyful, water is a blessing for your skin too. Frequently, we bypass drinking water whilst travelling only due to preventing the hassle to locate a restroom. However, this habit not just disturbs your own body but destroys your skin also. Make sure you always carry a water bottle with you and don’t forget to eat healthy real food and stay away from greasy fast foods. Eating proper fresh food will nourish your skin from the inside and provide you with vitamins and nutrients for healthy skin.

7. Ice For Your Eyes

Darkened under eye circles are rather common among regular travellers. Maintaining an ice pack on your skin might help soothe your eyes and protect them from the strain and exertion. Do this for days even though you’re not travelling to rejuvenate those under eye bags and prevent permanent dark circles.

Technology Detox Destinations

Technology Detox Destinations

It is known that technology is here to serve us, not enslave us. Theses elaborate gadgets were created to make our lives simpler, yet for many, they have come to be the cause of increasing anxiety and stress levels. Ditching your devices is easier said than done, so we have come up with three unique areas in Australia which make unplugging from your daily grind simpler. You can be from it consulting in Melbourne or building construction in Sydney, but either way, you will enjoy these retreats in order to switch off.

Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef

Situated in the dunes of Cape Range National Park, on the shore of Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef, you will find the ideal place to detach from the modern day lifestyle and reconnect with mother nature. Sal Salis is a green distant safari camp with only sixteen eco-luxe jungle tents. The camp was built to blend in with its natural environment with the magnificent location forming the perfect base to explore the region and spot amazing wildlife.

The airy and spacious tents are designed with your comfort in mind as well as the beautiful beach just steps away, every tent offers striking views of the crystal clear waters and surrounding landscape. Sal Salis does not provide luxury in the standard sense of the term, nevertheless, its luxury derives from the calm place, stunning landscape as well as the chance to immerse yourself in character.

Because of the remote location, there isn’t any cell phone or Wi-Fi connection (yay!) and each guest should adopt the opportunity to unplug from the electronic world. (Obviously, if there are any pressing matters, the camp includes a landline). There are no signs of construction and not a single crane in sight.

Waking up to the tunes of birds as opposed to your alarm clock is an everyday experience, along with your dawn ‘social websites check’ is substituted with a refreshing swim in the sea. Venture out on the reef to discover massive schools of fish whilst snorkelling or snowboarding, opt for a guided gorge stroll in Mandu Mandu gorge or combine the boat which goes out each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from Ningaloo to perform the whale shark swim.

The heart and soul of Sal Salis is your camp’s main lodge. A cozy lounge forms the perfect place to join fellow travellers for a conversation, play games or read a novel from the little library. In the evening, gather in the dining room for a tasty dinner before enjoying the astonishing number of stars at the night skies (a little birdy told me it is among the greatest places to see the Milky Way).

Sal Salis supplies a distinctive experience to actually eliminate the external world and your stay is certain to reset your own personal batteries, leaving you refreshed and much more mindful of your everyday ‘screen-time’.


Gwinganna, significance ‘lookout’, is situated high on a plateau in a calm area of the Tallebudgera Valley in Queensland. Inspired by sea and valley views, this well-renowned wellness retreat in Australia guarantees a calm haven to make stillness and a feeling of calm in thoughts. The calmness of this mountain escape beckons for some severe soul-searching and enables visitors to revitalise and recover from the hectic outside world.

A number of beautiful lodging options are available for the most discerning traveller and among Gwinganna’s recent developments are just three Meditation Suites. These new suites offer meditation cushions, a yoga mat in addition to iPods filled with calming meditation and music sessions, inviting mindfulness and also a place to continue your private practice.

To further enable you to depart from your everyday world behind, there are no TV’s in the villas and suites, and utilization of any cellular devices is limited to your area. Guests are also encouraged to leave their computers at home to genuinely disconnect and change the attention from work and memorising the Australian crane standard (as2550.1) and other outside elements to your own.

The spa gives plenty of choice with an enormous and varied selection of health packages and programs, from a fast two-night retreat for active professionals into a seven-night escape. Extended stays are possible and bundles may also be combined to produce the most of your health experience.

Each morning starts with a careful movement session until you see the sunrise from the sea. There are 16 distinct walks to begin your daily life, providing amazing views of the hinterland and surrounding shore or sea. After a nutritious breakfast, select from Yoga, Pilates, meditation or dancing courses, have a dive at the lap pool and indulge in a pampering session in the lavish spa or visit a health conference and learn from seasoned wellness and health professionals.

Irrespective of the length or alternative of your escape and health program, Gwinganna was made to provide you with secure and serene surroundings, away from any distractions and anxiety, which means that you may tune in with private requirements and do what is right for you.

Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

If you aren’t ready (yet) to completely immerse yourself in tech-free surroundings, the One&Only Wolgan Valley hotel is a terrific starting point to have a taster of the unplugged life. This luxury retreat at the Greater Blue Mountains provides Wi-Fi in addition to in-room TV but due to its remote location, there’s absolutely no mobile coverage in any way so network performance monitoring would be limited. The hotel is set on 7000 acres of a wildlife reserve and supplies an absolute refuge for seclusion and serenity.

Boasting 40 trendy and well-appointed suites, every private haven is equipped with warm, natural colours, and includes a private swimming pool, stunning fireplace and private veranda with stunning views of the Wolgan Valley.

We genuinely encourage you to refrain from linking to the Wi-Fi and rather go through the remote wilderness and the hotel’s natural environment. One&Only Wolgan Valley is nestled between two national parks (the Wollemi National Park and the Gardens of Stone National Park) and thus the perfect point to enjoy guided nature walks, horse riding experiences, stargazing and campfires in addition to nocturnal wildlife trips.

For the less adventuresome, the Spa offers a tranquil and stunning abode in a natural setting, including six dual treatment rooms with stunning views of the surrounding valleys. Let exceptionally skilled therapists pamper your mind, soul and body with a variety of signature adventures and holistic therapies. The 60-minutes Soul to Sole therapy, which concentrates on feet and hands, is essential for anybody needing releasing tension and anxiety. Instead, book a personal yoga or Pilates practice, indulge with a manicure or like a lazy day by the swimming pool.

A Guide to Buying Property Overseas

Charming Tuscan villas lure with views of lush olive groves and Ancient mountain towns. Beachfront retreats in the Caribbean call like modern sirens. We all experience the travel blues post-holiday and wish we could stay longer. However, some people do just that. Buy a place where they have just travelled, making it either a new home, an investment or a holiday house.  It is not limited to a house either, you can choose to buy a commercial property and turn it into an investment or another business office overseas.

Together with the allure of owning a second (or third, or fourth) house, there are pragmatic reasons for purchasing overseas. It may be a means to diversify an investment portfolio or provide rental income or in the case of Dubai where you automatically obtain a visa that enables you to do business if you purchase there.

There are however dangers in buying overseas. Currencies can slip, taking with them the value of international investments; governmental changes may impact ownership legislation, and the purchasing process can be complicated and confusing. So while it can appear to be a good idea, global buyers should place even more attention and consideration into buying internationally than at home. You need to make no assumptions at all that the system resembles the one in your own country, everything from the way that it is promoted by the commercial agents to the taxation system, can differ.

There are a number of principles which need to be followed when purchasing property anywhere. It is common sense to be certain that the individual selling you your dream house, if it is in Miami or Mexico, includes complete title to the house. Check that the firm behind that brand new growth in Thailand or Toronto includes a rock-solid reputation.

Every nation has different rules and traditions, meaning prospective buyers will need to have lots of issues under account such as possession limitations, tax consequences, growth regulations, money problems and political climate until they fall in love with a house.

There is no official data available on the number of people who buy property overseas. However, U.K.-based estate representative, Knight Frank, says global markets are flourishing. Australian home possession by British families rose by 95 percent between 1993 and 2003, according to a report from the business.

But before you leap into a bargain, experts say it is wise to get to know a spot over time. It is advised that potential buyers take a few trips to a place and rent a home rather than staying at a hotel.

Property is very local where you need all the information you can get about the local area which would impact upon the investment. You can use real time gps tracking to check the progress, if you are renovating, of the project overseas.

Assess whether you are legally able to own a home as a foreign exchange national. Until a couple of decades ago, foreigners couldn’t in Dubai. Mexico’s constitution prohibits foreigners from owning over 30 miles of their shore or 60 kilometers of the U.S. border. Prior to that, possession was only allowed through a 28-year trust. The regulations are more relaxed; although foreigners have to still possess through trusts, they now continue for 50 decades and may be extended indefinitely.

When you decide that you are willing and able to purchase, you will discover that there are gaps in the way properties are promoted. The multiple-listing system which is from the U.S. isn’t Widespread in Europe. You need to go from one real estate agent to the other putting together your own schedule of when you want to view the houses. That is particularly evident in Spain, where many properties are available privately and need local contacts to monitor.

Offers may also be transcribed differently. In the U.K., when a purchaser’s offer is approved there is absolutely no deposit needed, but this is without a contract.

Between there and the purpose of any binding arrangement, you’ve got Mortgage programs and testimonials. You wind up spending money before you even have a binding arrangement such as the contract.

When purchasing globally, it is important to contemplate currency risks in addition to government controls. Tax and state laws are another concern. Some states have no taxes, others have very substantial taxes. Some, place taxes just on lawful residents, where others might tax foreigners to a greater extent.

And if worries about historic restrictions (local legislation might say that magical stone cottage can simply be mended using original materials), safety (who’ll look after the place when you are not there), transport (are the streets rutted and bone-jangling?) and utilities (in certain nations, a water link is not part of the actual estate bargain) are not exhausting enough, there are political problems to think about. Is a location secure? Is it secure? Is it true that the government honour property rights?

Along with taxation issues, historic limitations, safety concerns and potential devaluation – in certain nations, the authorities can repossess your house. It is not for the faint of heart. Although the benefits of owning land globally can be beneficial, if you pick the wrong location, you may endure an endless amount of hassles. A cloud management system is an ideal way to be able to track the progress of either the house build or the buying/selling process of your new international property.

How To Select The Best Shoes For Travel

Do you want happy feet while travelling this huge planet of ours? The shoes you pack for your first trip abroad are more important than you would think. You might not realise it now, but having the correct footwear can either make or break your backpacking experience.

Nobody wants to ruin their trip by forming huge blisters, which can be gross, debilitating and can mean that you must miss out on amazing experiences because your feet are causing you pain Same as you do not want to have the wrong shoes that aren’t suitable for the destination you’re travelling to.

What should you consider when shopping for travel shoes? Where are you going? Is it going to be hot, cold, dusty, muddy, sandy, snowy, rocky? This is something really vital to consider as many shoes are made to cater to specific terrains. You don’t want to get stuck with only a pair of thongs in Europe during the winter, same as you do not want heavy hiking boots when relaxing on the beach in South East Asia. Do some research of the anticipated climate during your stay and what the landscape is like, to help you pick the ideal travel shoes to choose.What are you going to do? Are you spending your days wandering around museums and art galleries or trekking out to the wilderness? Lazing by the pool or visiting ancient temples? The plans you make for what you are going to do are also important to take into account.


Is getting lost in the wilderness your ideal getaway?

You are going to need hiking boots. How do I select hiking shoes?

Many brands make mens and womens ankle boots which are suitable to wear for extensive periods, however on rough terrains hiking boots may be required. Hiking boots are designed to provide stability, comfort, ankle and arch support, and be durable enough to walk long distances on rough terrain. Unlike trainers, hiking footwear includes thicker soles, additional support, and may often come in waterproof and water-resistant options.

Which are the best hiking boots?

Some of the more popular brands with travellers include Colombia, Keen and Salomon, but choosing a hiking boot has to be about what you want and need. You will need to be certain they are comfortable, cheap, durable and did we mention comfortable? Prices of different brands may vary greatly, but if you make the right choice first time around these shoes are going to be around for a lot more backpacking trips.


Do you like getting lost exploring rural villages and traditional markets? Or perhaps strolling around art museums and galleries?

Then you’ll need a good pair of shoes to walk around in all day.

Walking shoes are a lightweight option and are both comfortable and supportive. The sole isn’t as thick meaning they’re not really intended for hard rocky terrain just like the hiking boots. But they’re a fantastic all-day choice which you can wear virtually everywhere.

Which are the best walking shoes for travelling?

Brands and costs vary greatly and it can be very much a matter of “you get what you pay for”. Picking up some cheap trainers or sneakers might seem like a fantastic idea, but they might not be comfortable to wear all day nor will they last as long. Merrell & Keen are sure favourites for both men and womens sneakers. A good pair of walking shoes are essential for your travels and are certainly worth the investment.


Do you enjoy taking long walks on the beach, visiting ancient temples, possibly island hopping in sunlight?

Then it is sandals or thongs for you.

Of course sandals and thongs are the best choice for the beach, but you might be wondering why they would be required for temples? “Surely a fantastic pair of trainers would be perfect?” While trainers do offer a great support, there are some instances when they aren’t acceptable. Did you know that lots of temples require that you remove your shoes before you enter? This is customary and strictly enforced on many tourist websites. If you want to avoid sandals than a pair of slip on shoes would be suitable just avoid laces because they take up far too much time. After spending a day visiting a few temples you will be tired of taking off and putting on your trainers constantly. Additionally, an expensive pair of trainers left on a temple’s doorstep can sometimes attract shoe thieves. This is the reason why thongs or sandals are perfect, slip them on and off with ease all day long.

When picking the best sandals or thongs comfort is what you are searching for. Also, take into account the quality of grip on the sole. A shoe without traction can get very slippery when wet, and slipping over, particularly on stairs while wearing a 13kg back pack, isn’t ideal.

Which are the best sandals or thongs for traveling?

The popular brands by travellers might actually surprise you, but you will love them because they’re durable, supportive and comfortable.

Crocs – yes that’s right those hideous things that make you a social pariah by simply wearing them. Crocs actually tick all of the boxes that have just been mentioned. Luckily, they’ve realised that the clunky clog design is not for anyone under the age of 40. They now have some new, pretty fashionable designs.

Naturally, you can pack just any old pair of thongs you have lying around at home but ask yourself first, are they durable? You do not need to be walking the filthy food markets of Asia, through all of the old fish guts and animal leftovers with one shoe because you have had a blowout.

Also ask yourself, can you wear them all day without getting blisters? Usually, we do not wear thongs long enough to find that out. The extended walking you may do while travelling will really test them.

New Art Installation Exhibits America’s West

Marrying the great expanses of this American west with a collection of mirrored faces, the Mirage is one of the exhibition installations located in the Southern Californian desert and is the handy work of Doug Aitken, who is an American artist and filmmaker. An experimental adaptation of the conventional suburban ranch-style home, the sculpture hones in on architecture’s connection with its own landscape, manifesting itself as a life-sized kaleidoscope showcasing ranch style housing in western style living arrangements.

The California Ranch Style house was initially designed by a small collective of architects in the 1920s and 30s, motivated by the spatial fluidity of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work and melded with the neighbourhood of single storey houses that belonged to ranchers. After the Second World War, the ease of this housing typology led to its rapid rise in popularity, embraced by commercial builders to coincide with the rapid urbanization of the American countryside, which allowed town planners to quickly develop and orchestrate the build of suburban areas, which quickly became popular in the late 40s and 50s.

The Mirage art installation is reconfigured as an architectural idea, this minimalist structure now works entirely in response to the landscape around it. The doors, windows, and openings are eliminated to create a fluid connection with the surrounding atmosphere. The Mirage is designed using mirrored modular exhibition wall systems to highlight the surroundings of the ranch as it reflects off of the mirrors.

With this in mind, the instalment adopts the recognizable form of this ranch-style residence and utilises the reflective surfaces to change the structure into a framing device that simultaneously absorbs and reflects its surroundings. Its transitional place lies between the San Jacinto Mountains and the Coachella valley whilst overlooking a developed site within the space. The installation melds art, history and sightseeing into one beautifully encapsulated piece of work that is able to be appreciated by everyone young or old.

Given its unique character and location, the distance can be experienced at any given moment in time, providing distinct distortions and reflections for every single viewing, make sure to see it under the shadow of the night sky or the endless expanses of sunlit desert.

Produced by Doug Aitken, Mirage is one characteristic of the Desert X modern art exhibition, which runs from February 25 to October 31. Aitken’s work has been showcased at renowned international locations, for example, the Museum of Modern Art, Vienna Secession, and the Serpentine Gallery in London, amongst others. He’s also a former winner of the Venice Biennale’s International Prize in 1999.

Education’s Horse of a Different Color

When Amanda Moore was a high school teacher she would take her students outside whenever she could. She says they would get a much better grasp of the lesson when they see it hands on, instead of reading a book. Today, Moore’s class is the outdoors and students including those she used to be a math tutor to visit her at Reigning Grace Cattle ranch, a non-profit center filled with horses, donkeys, mini horses, one cow and, naturally, the requisite canine. Moore traded the typical teacher outfit for blue jeans, a “rodeo” tee-shirt and a baseball cap that says, “Born Free.” Nevertheless, Moore still has the presence of a teacher. Her clear voice motivates one to listen and take note.

On the day we visited, about half a dozen students with the special needs class from Water Fountain Hills High School were at the cattle ranch. She was teaching the power of words and the significance they hold. After taping placards to everybody’s back – students, coaches as well as Moore – the students were welcomed to move about and compose a word of description about the individual to whom the sign is attached. The next step was using a water-based paint to move a few of the words onto a group of equine signboards. The horses are incredibly still as the students and their English tutor use their fingers to compose and make use of their sides. Moore does keep in mind that not all the 50-plus horses roaming the close-by confine would appropriate for such a class workout.

Ruling Grace Cattle ranch rests on 15 acres just north of Rio Verde Drive, west of the Verde neighborhoods. It is a non-profit started by Moore and her other half, Christopher, 8 years back. Moore runs the cattle ranch with about 55 volunteers and no paid staff. The volunteers get about 18 hours of preliminary training to become coaches, a bridge between the horses and the kids who visit. Moore stated on weekends there are about 30 kids who come out to learn more about the horses and the hardworking western cowboy values the cattle ranch uses. The weekend visitors are kids who reside in foster homes and/or are thought to be “at risk.” Woman Scouts, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Brownies likewise go to RGR to take part in activities to accomplish tasks or badge credits.

The horses at the cattle ranch show up from differing locations. There are rescue animals with some readily available for adoption. Others are boarders that come from a few of the cattle ranch volunteers. A few of the animals will live out their days at Reigning Grace. The Reigning Grace objective specified on the site is “Redeem the horse and kid; enhance the household; find the spirit.” Moore and her other half both grew up with horses and learnt more about the work that opted for keeping them. Throughout their college days and early the adult years they avoided horses, up until about 12 years back when they returned to the equine life once again.

As the cattle ranch counts on its volunteers for assistance their outreach can be restricted, according to Moore. “We can only work with as many kids as we have volunteers for,” she stated. The cattle ranch also counts on donors for financial backing. Individuals of the Verde neighborhoods have stepped up as both coaches and offering monetary aid. Water fountain Hills Rotary Club has likewise end up being a supporting company.

Family-Friendly Physical Fitness Getaways

The Red Rock Cattle ranch in Kelly, Wyoming

De-stress and detach Old West-style at the Red Rock Cattle ranch, a dude cattle ranch surrounded by red cliffs and dotted with log cabins, just outside Grand Teton National forest. Therapists will lead your kids on horseback along beautiful mountain paths, where they may see bald eagles and elk. If you wish to slip in some cardio workout training while the kids are away, get a guide and demand an exhausting walk; your trek can be can customized to ensure that your heart rate gets cranking. Make a rest stop at Blue Miner Lake, an amazing aquamarine lake, framed by wide-open land and a horizon of snowy peaks, be sure to bring one of your basketball hoodies as it can get cold up there! Back at the cattle ranch, nightfall brings live music from local artists, square dancing, and traditional western barbecue. You’ll also score a date night: once a week, the personnel hosts a kids’ cookout by the river, while you take pleasure in a premium restaurant meal complete with wine, and a campfire under the starlit Wyoming sky.

The Sebastian Vail in Vail, Colorado

The mountains are the piece de resistance here. Remain at the comfortable Sebastian, situated right in the middle of Vail Town, at the base of the town’s name peak. While the kids are caught up in their youth basketball uniforms working away at the complimentary craft jobs provided by the hotel, trek Berrypicker, a difficult 3.2-mile path up Vail Mountain. You’ll get a killer fitness training session and fantastic views of Gore Variety, consisting of cascading streams and lavish fields covered in columbines, Colorado’s state flower. Take pleasure in a glass of wine at the dining establishment at the top, then come down in a gondola. Take advantage of a first-of-its-kind program from Vail Resorts. In collaboration with the United States Forest Service and Nature Conservancy, Epic Discovery was created to help kids and grownups check out the Vail outdoors this summer season. Swoosh down 3,400 vertical feet on a brand-new alpine rollercoaster, go on the Creek Canopy Trip through zip-lines and aerial bridges to obtain an unique view of the surrounding mountains. Or book Apotheosis Guides’ Take a Llama to Lunch walking. Llamas do the heavy lifting of the lunch, so you and your kids are free to endeavor deep into Vail’s gorgeous wilderness.

Sunriver Resort in Sunriver, Oregon

At the foot of the snowcapped Waterfall Mountains sits a cycling paradise – 3,300 acres of wilderness crisscrossed with biking tracks. Sunriver Resort boasts more than 40 miles of on-site courses. When you show up, get a vehicle from the home’s Bike Barn. Take them for a trip on the down-hill/waterfall trip, a family-friendly six-mile trip along a smooth, winding forest path that passes 6 beautiful waterfalls and 2 natural waterslides. Then cool down on a two-hour assisted tubing journey down the crystal clear Deschutes River. Sunriver Resort also hosts half- or full-day kids’ programs, including cycling, tennis, and caving. Use the spare time to check out the locations’ more difficult routes or unwind in a personal cabana poolside. Later on, refuel over a beer brewed in the close-by town of Bend while the kids work up homemade pizza at the Sunriver’s Children Night Out. Or invest the night together paying attention to live music outdoors under beautifully engineered timber beams as part of the resort’s Summertime Performance Series.

The Woodstock Inn & Resort in Woodstock, VT

Thought to be among the loveliest towns in the United States, Woodstock truly comes alive in warm weather condition. The rich Green Mountains work as the background to covered bridges, charming country stores, and the stunning white Woodstock Inn & Resort. After signing in, stroll or bike to close-by Billings Farm & Museum, a working dairy farm. Sign your kids up for the five-day Junior Farm Veterinarian Camp, where they’ll discover how to take care of the stock. You can likewise invest a number of hours visiting the two-and-a-half-acre natural Kelly Method Gardens, where the inn’s chefs source the fruit and vegetables that will later make its way onto your supper plate accompanied by a yarra valley vineyard wine. To develop your hunger for the farm-to-table banquet, play tennis or swim in the saltwater swimming pool.

Crowds at Babcock Ranch

Over the past year, the country’s most innovative, sustainable new community has been settling in just beyond the front gates of Babcock Ranch. Master Designer Kitson & Partners has now put out the welcome mat for the public to come experience this new home town in the making, and the turnout is extraordinary.

The Organizers of Founders Festival which was held March 11-12 hoped to draw in around 2,500 people each day for the first public occasion at Babcock Ranch. Law enforcement authorities estimate turnout throughout the weekend was in between 15,000– 20,000.

Syd Kitson, Chairman and CEO of the development company said “we understood people were delighted about the principle of a sustainable, solar-powered town where people can reconnect with the environment and with each other”. Though, what was actually discovered this weekend is that the developers have created something that has struck a chord with the wider community. Amongst the visitors were the contractors of the build, keen to show off their landscaping skills along with the fascinating development that they help to create.

The weekend started with 10k, 5k and 1k events that drew in nearly 600 entrants. Along with ribbon-cutting ceremony for the first two structures at Founder’s Square, which was followed by a full day of live music, fresh food and family activities. While some had a look at kayaks and paddleboards to delight in Lake Babcock, others cast lines from the fishing pier or hiked tracks. However tours of design homes were the most popular activity of course.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Homes by Towne, Kitt Kearney said of his time at the event that, “it was unlike anything I have ever experienced with a neighbourhood opening.” “There were people waiting in line to get in. Numerous said they have actually been watching Babcock Ranch for a long time.” The crowds were delighted that it is finally here and excited that they can now purchase the homes of live here.

Stock Advancement had four models open for viewing. “It was terrific to see peoples of any age levels, from young households all the way through empty nesters so delighted by the idea of a more active way of life in a multi-generational house town,” stated Claudine Wetzel, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. People travelled far and wide to come and check out the development made possible home extension builders and design, buyers were so keen that even home indemnity insurance brokers were a part of the event to advertise policies on the houses. That shows a deep level of commitment from the buyers.

“Between Saturday and Sunday we have had at least nine thousand individuals through our Taylor design, all ready to learn more about the first solar-powered town in the USA and exactly what that meant to them,” said Bill Ennen, President, Florida Lifestyle Homes. “I can truthfully state I got only one unfavourable remark and that was that the floor tile I had laid in the master bath was wrong in their viewpoint. Other than that, there was nothing but positive remarks about Babcock Ranch.”

Buyers in the first area of Lake Wood will choose from a broad range of house designs and layout from five different builders– Stock Development, Residence by Town, Florida Lifestyle Houses, Fox Premier Builders and Castle Harbour Homes.

“I believe the takeaway for us is a realisation that if you construct a dream that ends up being reality, people will come,” stated Meryl Rojas, director of sales and marketing for Fox Premier Builders. “The visitors we met with were impressed with our major approach to the ecological perceptiveness and energy effectiveness requirements that Babcock Ranch represents.”

Castle Harbour Residences established a tent to offer details on housing and landscape designs that will be underway soon. “This is the biggest community opening this location has aever seen, and a lot of those who came out weren’t simply here from interest,” Baublis said. “We came away with about 10 great leads.”

Babcock Ranch just completed a contract with Lennar to construct a second area of around 180 houses located southeast of Founders Square, the contract is complete including minor details such as builders indemnity insurance. The mix of split vacation homes will be listed at rates starting around $180,000 and single-family homes starting in the $220s that will broaden access to the eco-friendly, front-porch oriented way of life offered by Babcock Ranch.

The very first seven of fifteen model houses and their new single storey additions prepared for Lake Lumber were open for viewing throughout the opening weekend. A lot more will be finished in the coming weeks. Fortunately, you don’t have to brave enormous crowds if you want to have a look at the progress. Inspections are still open and the public is welcome to explore model houses, eat at the fresh food store, check out the outdoor experiences at Curry Creek Outfitters or take pleasure in the routes and lakes 7 days a week.

When the sun set on the first public occasion at Babcock Ranch, the crowds thinned and the buzz settled into an inspiring hum at Founder’s Square. Music fans settled back on the yard to take pleasure in the final set of a fantastic regional band, as families delighted in some friendly corn-hole competitions and kayakers on Lake Babcock headed back to the dock. Others enjoyed their time with a drink in hand from the porch of Table & Tap as children romped in the splash fountain.

“This is exactly what it is everything about,” Kitson said. “It’s unbelievably pleasing to see all that we have been speaking about over the past 12 years coming to life right before our eyes. There’s much more to come, but it is a thrill to have the ability to open evictions for everyone to witness the birth of a new home town.”

If you want to check out the ranch for yourself, and maybe even think about it as a possible investment, just pop in appointment free.

A Substantial Development for Ocala Ranch

Today, bald eagles are the most popular citizens of a big, open land mass on Marion County’s southern border. But if an Arizona-based developer gets its way, that land might ultimately hold 5,400 single-family houses, some industrial properties, a great deal of leisure facilities, and maybe 2 golf courses – all part of a huge, active adult neighborhood called Ocala Ranch. The neighborhood is a vast, 3,470-acre web of land simply east of State Roadway 200, west of Marion Oaks, south of the Florida Highlands and north of Drake Ranch. The land, initially part of the Drake Ranch, was purchased throughout the 1980s by Millard Seldin, a rich Nebraska male whose interests include the horse market. In 2010 the property was moved to Scottsdale-based AZ Ocala Ranch LLC, a development business that Seldin owns.

The western part of the site, about 60 percent of the land, is currently used for pasture and farming. It is accessed to and from State Roadway 200, which is next to where it will be established. The eastern part, about 40 percent of the land, is forested by manufacturers of laminated glulam timber products and holds numerous water bodies. It would be left as a long-term open space, befitting its status as a low-lying location that brushes up against the Ross Meadow State Forest and the Gum Swamp/Slough/Spring network. There are property (Bel-Lago, Spruce Creek Preserve) industrial (Stumpknockers) and energy (Duke Energy, Sabal Path gas pipeline) presences because of the easy location. But there is no doubt that an advancement of this size would considerably modify the character of that part of Marion County.

As it stands, a motorist who crosses the Withlacoochee River from Citrus County into Marion on SR 200 sees mainly forest. This advancement will supply a completely different entrance and style. In addition to the real estate, business and leisure facilities, the advancement will consist of 250 multi-family systems, 216 independent living systems and a 150-bed nursing home.

Not everybody likes the idea of the development. “I moved here because I had 6 and a half miles in front of me with nothing but cows,” James Bean informed the Marion County Preparation & Zoning Commission when it evaluated the project last month. “Let’s keep this location a horse neighborhood. Let’s keep it country. I like my open space.” Bean resides in the Florida Highlands, and his lament is a familiar one in cases like this. It drew a familiar reply from a member of P&Z: Everybody wants the development door closed – but only when they have protected their piece of Florida paradise, they main concern is that the builders public liability insurance only protects the people, but what about the forestry and the wildlife that come along with that. Once, all the Sunlight State’s land was open.

The other side of Bean’s argument is that Ocala Ranch, though substantial, would be a sensible extension of property advancement along the SR 200 passage. Ocala Ranch is large enough to be categorized as a Development of Regional Impact, or DRI.  “This isolated location (Ocala Ranch) is also distinctively located between a variety of preservation and entertainment designated lands,” Marion County federal government personnel noted in a report. Ocala Ranch looks to be a self-dependent neighborhood that can function as a “town center” not just for its own citizens but also for its next-door neighbors: Spruce Creek Preserve, the Florida Highlands and Bel-Lago.

From the government/regulatory perspective, Ocala Ranch remains to be in the early stages, there is much to consider such as the tender for the warranty insurance for builders, the permits and all other building allowances. The Preparation & Zoning Commission offered its blessing on Feb. 27, and the County Commission will get to a take a look at the project and the appropriate frannas for the potential construction next week. State firms that supervise transport, water, the environment and other areas will have an opportunity to weigh in before to the project is returned to the commission for their final say. A tentative date for that last hearing is July 18.

Our Packages

Make this year’s picnic something special, spend a day in the country! Foxfire is a working horse and cattle ranch that is open to the public. We have found that many people enjoy coming back to their farming roots and enjoy the peace and quiet of the country and its simple pleasures.

We offer our facilities for company and group picnics from April through November. We have a large pavilion area with plenty of picnic tables.

We will provide a good old-fashioned BBQ or custom menus of your choice for your guests.

School Trips

At Foxfire Ranch we handle all the details of your School Picnic including food, entertainment, music and refreshments. T-shirts can also be arranged and we have the staff to insure your school has a fun, safe and supervised event. No water or boat events are conducted for our visiting schools. We conduct supervised games and play music on our Pavilion. The Hamburgers and Hot Dogs are delicious and plentiful.

Family Reunion

For groups with 100 attendees minimum the rate to use our facilities is $2,500. We require a $1,000 deposit to reserve your requested date. All deposits are non-refundable and dates cannot be held without a deposit. All reservations are booked on a first come first served basis. Family reunion balances are due exactly one week prior to the gathering, including any charges for extra services or attendees over the original 100 person minimum. If the remaining balance is not paid in full prior to the reunion, and no other arrangements have been made with the ranch, all deposits are forfeited. Only attendees who have paid in advance will be allowed on the ranch. This is a catered event.
No personal check or family reunion checks are accepted. However, we do accept certified checks, money orders, or cash.

Evening Fish Fry, With Hay Ride and Bon Fire

Bring your group out for a fun-filled evening fish fry on the ranch. The menu will include freshly fried pond raised catfish, potato wedges, spaghetti and additional sides and cold refreshments. After you eat we will conduct a hay ride around the property and provide a bonfire for your enjoyment (weather permitting). The cost is $10 per person. For reservations and more information please call (662) 801-7085.