Crowds at Babcock Ranch

Over the past year, the country’s most innovative, sustainable new community has been settling in just beyond the front gates of Babcock Ranch. Master Designer Kitson & Partners has now put out the welcome mat for the public to come experience this new home town in the making, and the turnout is extraordinary.

The Organizers of Founders Festival which was held March 11-12 hoped to draw in around 2,500 people each day for the first public occasion at Babcock Ranch. Law enforcement authorities estimate turnout throughout the weekend was in between 15,000– 20,000.

Syd Kitson, Chairman and CEO of the development company said “we understood people were delighted about the principle of a sustainable, solar-powered town where people can reconnect with the environment and with each other”. Though, what was actually discovered this weekend is that the developers have created something that has struck a chord with the wider community. Amongst the visitors were the contractors of the build, keen to show off their landscaping skills along with the fascinating development that they help to create.

The weekend started with 10k, 5k and 1k events that drew in nearly 600 entrants. Along with ribbon-cutting ceremony for the first two structures at Founder’s Square, which was followed by a full day of live music, fresh food and family activities. While some had a look at kayaks and paddleboards to delight in Lake Babcock, others cast lines from the fishing pier or hiked tracks. However tours of design homes were the most popular activity of course.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Homes by Towne, Kitt Kearney said of his time at the event that, “it was unlike anything I have ever experienced with a neighbourhood opening.” “There were people waiting in line to get in. Numerous said they have actually been watching Babcock Ranch for a long time.” The crowds were delighted that it is finally here and excited that they can now purchase the homes of live here.

Stock Advancement had four models open for viewing. “It was terrific to see peoples of any age levels, from young households all the way through empty nesters so delighted by the idea of a more active way of life in a multi-generational house town,” stated Claudine Wetzel, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. People travelled far and wide to come and check out the development made possible home extension builders and design, buyers were so keen that even home indemnity insurance brokers were a part of the event to advertise policies on the houses. That shows a deep level of commitment from the buyers.

“Between Saturday and Sunday we have had at least nine thousand individuals through our Taylor design, all ready to learn more about the first solar-powered town in the USA and exactly what that meant to them,” said Bill Ennen, President, Florida Lifestyle Homes. “I can truthfully state I got only one unfavourable remark and that was that the floor tile I had laid in the master bath was wrong in their viewpoint. Other than that, there was nothing but positive remarks about Babcock Ranch.”

Buyers in the first area of Lake Wood will choose from a broad range of house designs and layout from five different builders– Stock Development, Residence by Town, Florida Lifestyle Houses, Fox Premier Builders and Castle Harbour Homes.

“I believe the takeaway for us is a realisation that if you construct a dream that ends up being reality, people will come,” stated Meryl Rojas, director of sales and marketing for Fox Premier Builders. “The visitors we met with were impressed with our major approach to the ecological perceptiveness and energy effectiveness requirements that Babcock Ranch represents.”

Castle Harbour Residences established a tent to offer details on housing and landscape designs that will be underway soon. “This is the biggest community opening this location has aever seen, and a lot of those who came out weren’t simply here from interest,” Baublis said. “We came away with about 10 great leads.”

Babcock Ranch just completed a contract with Lennar to construct a second area of around 180 houses located southeast of Founders Square, the contract is complete including minor details such as builders indemnity insurance. The mix of split vacation homes will be listed at rates starting around $180,000 and single-family homes starting in the $220s that will broaden access to the eco-friendly, front-porch oriented way of life offered by Babcock Ranch.

The very first seven of fifteen model houses and their new single storey additions prepared for Lake Lumber were open for viewing throughout the opening weekend. A lot more will be finished in the coming weeks. Fortunately, you don’t have to brave enormous crowds if you want to have a look at the progress. Inspections are still open and the public is welcome to explore model houses, eat at the fresh food store, check out the outdoor experiences at Curry Creek Outfitters or take pleasure in the routes and lakes 7 days a week.

When the sun set on the first public occasion at Babcock Ranch, the crowds thinned and the buzz settled into an inspiring hum at Founder’s Square. Music fans settled back on the yard to take pleasure in the final set of a fantastic regional band, as families delighted in some friendly corn-hole competitions and kayakers on Lake Babcock headed back to the dock. Others enjoyed their time with a drink in hand from the porch of Table & Tap as children romped in the splash fountain.

“This is exactly what it is everything about,” Kitson said. “It’s unbelievably pleasing to see all that we have been speaking about over the past 12 years coming to life right before our eyes. There’s much more to come, but it is a thrill to have the ability to open evictions for everyone to witness the birth of a new home town.”

If you want to check out the ranch for yourself, and maybe even think about it as a possible investment, just pop in appointment free.