Top Tips for First Time Business Travellers

Business trips tend to be stressful and busy, and include high expectations on what is going to get done to warrant the price. Make strategies to ensure business travel is seamless and rewarding especially if this is your first time travelling on the job. Whether you are a travelling business coach or public relations representative, travelling can be a daunting venture; luckily we have compiled some suggestions to make it a little easier.

Make packing easy: A week prior to the trip if you are feeling fresh and relaxed, create a packaging checklist: Glasses, socks, lip balm — anything you think you could overlook. Be detailed so that you do not need to think about it later on. Secondly, travel things shouldn’t leave the bag. I keep a set of pyjamas, chargers, compression socks along with a kit pre-packed with toiletries, make-up, vitamins, tablets and other essentials in a permanent travel bag. I restock and launder once I return. Thirdly, pack in a functional, flexible and efficient manner. Dark separates that may mix and match to create numerous outfits. Pack a pair of comfortable shoes to the airport and a single pair of dressier shoes. Pack simple essential clothing and dress it up with accessories such as ties, scarves, and jewellery.

Traveling in comfort: Never check in a bag if it can be avoided. Bring a cabin sized roller bag along with a backpack or laptop bag for under your seat. Ensure that your telephone, etc. are billed before the flight. Throughout the travel experience, attempt to eat healthy before, during and afterward. I can’t stress this enough: Salad, fruit, juice, veggies and a lot of water. Greasy, unhealthy food will simply weigh you down and make you feel sluggish and laggy. Being in optimal health and having energy is the key to keeping up your worker productivity on the road or in the air! Last, don’t sit beside your co-workers on the airplane, particularly your boss. It may be tempting, but it is so dull and tacky to talk work issues in public, particularly in the event that you operate in customer services. Utilise the airplane ride to collect your thoughts, concentrate on the excursion the objectives of the trip or just relax and watch a movie.

Making the most of your time: Concentrate on what you’re searching for; this isn’t a vacation. Do not sight-see, attempt all of the restaurants and go on tours if it is going to get in the way of your job. Try to follow your normal diet. Should you frequently exercise, keep this up. It is great to go out and see the destination but only if you have time and it does not interfere with the real reasons for the trip. Get enough sleep and be comfortable, you are going to be spending a lot of time in hotel rooms, therefore when travelling to lovely places such as Hobart book into a boutique hotel to recuperate, not just any Hobart accommodation you stumble upon.

When visiting a workplace or customer abroad, be sensitive and knowledgeable by incorporating yourself into your hosts’ culture. When it is a customer, spouse or possibly a distinct office of your company, keep in mind that you’re a guest. If they’re casual, be casual; inquire questions and get to know folks and be friendly and humble. This is how you are going to create meaningful connections.

A few additional tips:

  • Always allow for the unforeseen. If at all possible, traveling the night before instead of the morning of your session or meeting to avoid last minute delays or problems. On a similar note, always attempt to obtain a direct flight if your budget will allow it. Changing planes and having connections increases the risk of problems.
  • Avoid drinking too much late in the evening or on occasions when you are surrounded by colleagues and professional contacts. Not only can this mess your sleep, but it can lead to significantly less than professional behaviour.
  • Never skip breakfast. If you do, you will typically run low on good energy then be tempted to eat the dreadful, sugar-filled “treats” that are generally supplied at company functions.
  • If you can afford this, or your employer will cover this, enter the ‘business club’ of the airline that you use frequently. Obtaining an opportunity to escape the media of individuals, have a drink of water or a coffee, read a newspaper and wait with a few relaxation is invaluable.
  • Always, always be courteous and friendly to all airline employees. A desk broker has a lot more power to ruin your trip if you are rude and demanding. Ultimately, look upon traveling as a rewarding opportunity to experience business on the road for you, not as something you need to endure and dread.