How To Select The Best Shoes For Travel

Do you want happy feet while travelling this huge planet of ours? The shoes you pack for your first trip abroad are more important than you would think. You might not realise it now, but having the correct footwear can either make or break your backpacking experience.

Nobody wants to ruin their trip by forming huge blisters, which can be gross, debilitating and can mean that you must miss out on amazing experiences because your feet are causing you pain Same as you do not want to have the wrong shoes that aren’t suitable for the destination you’re travelling to.

What should you consider when shopping for travel shoes? Where are you going? Is it going to be hot, cold, dusty, muddy, sandy, snowy, rocky? This is something really vital to consider as many shoes are made to cater to specific terrains. You don’t want to get stuck with only a pair of thongs in Europe during the winter, same as you do not want heavy hiking boots when relaxing on the beach in South East Asia. Do some research of the anticipated climate during your stay and what the landscape is like, to help you pick the ideal travel shoes to choose.What are you going to do? Are you spending your days wandering around museums and art galleries or trekking out to the wilderness? Lazing by the pool or visiting ancient temples? The plans you make for what you are going to do are also important to take into account.


Is getting lost in the wilderness your ideal getaway?

You are going to need hiking boots. How do I select hiking shoes?

Many brands make mens and womens ankle boots which are suitable to wear for extensive periods, however on rough terrains hiking boots may be required. Hiking boots are designed to provide stability, comfort, ankle and arch support, and be durable enough to walk long distances on rough terrain. Unlike trainers, hiking footwear includes thicker soles, additional support, and may often come in waterproof and water-resistant options.

Which are the best hiking boots?

Some of the more popular brands with travellers include Colombia, Keen and Salomon, but choosing a hiking boot has to be about what you want and need. You will need to be certain they are comfortable, cheap, durable and did we mention comfortable? Prices of different brands may vary greatly, but if you make the right choice first time around these shoes are going to be around for a lot more backpacking trips.


Do you like getting lost exploring rural villages and traditional markets? Or perhaps strolling around art museums and galleries?

Then you’ll need a good pair of shoes to walk around in all day.

Walking shoes are a lightweight option and are both comfortable and supportive. The sole isn’t as thick meaning they’re not really intended for hard rocky terrain just like the hiking boots. But they’re a fantastic all-day choice which you can wear virtually everywhere.

Which are the best walking shoes for travelling?

Brands and costs vary greatly and it can be very much a matter of “you get what you pay for”. Picking up some cheap trainers or sneakers might seem like a fantastic idea, but they might not be comfortable to wear all day nor will they last as long. Merrell & Keen are sure favourites for both men and womens sneakers. A good pair of walking shoes are essential for your travels and are certainly worth the investment.


Do you enjoy taking long walks on the beach, visiting ancient temples, possibly island hopping in sunlight?

Then it is sandals or thongs for you.

Of course sandals and thongs are the best choice for the beach, but you might be wondering why they would be required for temples? “Surely a fantastic pair of trainers would be perfect?” While trainers do offer a great support, there are some instances when they aren’t acceptable. Did you know that lots of temples require that you remove your shoes before you enter? This is customary and strictly enforced on many tourist websites. If you want to avoid sandals than a pair of slip on shoes would be suitable just avoid laces because they take up far too much time. After spending a day visiting a few temples you will be tired of taking off and putting on your trainers constantly. Additionally, an expensive pair of trainers left on a temple’s doorstep can sometimes attract shoe thieves. This is the reason why thongs or sandals are perfect, slip them on and off with ease all day long.

When picking the best sandals or thongs comfort is what you are searching for. Also, take into account the quality of grip on the sole. A shoe without traction can get very slippery when wet, and slipping over, particularly on stairs while wearing a 13kg back pack, isn’t ideal.

Which are the best sandals or thongs for traveling?

The popular brands by travellers might actually surprise you, but you will love them because they’re durable, supportive and comfortable.

Crocs – yes that’s right those hideous things that make you a social pariah by simply wearing them. Crocs actually tick all of the boxes that have just been mentioned. Luckily, they’ve realised that the clunky clog design is not for anyone under the age of 40. They now have some new, pretty fashionable designs.

Naturally, you can pack just any old pair of thongs you have lying around at home but ask yourself first, are they durable? You do not need to be walking the filthy food markets of Asia, through all of the old fish guts and animal leftovers with one shoe because you have had a blowout.

Also ask yourself, can you wear them all day without getting blisters? Usually, we do not wear thongs long enough to find that out. The extended walking you may do while travelling will really test them.